i’ve got it

the bashful smile, the singing one. coquettish and without qualm, a rock song

guitar wailing warm; grabbing the tab, offering to drive, coffee in mason


jars. little things to be shared, no one’s to carry. gestures

the quickest to the draw shooting for stary eyes, a glimpse of coy


you got me partner. kick the spurs from these boots, this wild

whistling winter around the corner might snow us in


but that wind howling smile, the bashful one rosing your cheeks,

coming up over the crochet like a campsite sunrise in east Oregon, boy is it warm.


if I could nap all day under it I would, tell you to take the day off and get back under the covers

but the car is heated up, the walkway cleared, the bed is tucked in and there is chameleon brew on our breath

Just Once More

Red silk ribbon draped around my eyes and,
diamonds cut around my wrists,
a risk,
a soft kiss,
pink lace drapes on my hips,

I’m your fairy tale princess.

Lift my gentle heart and,
stop the beating short
    the bleeding, blues and blacks
      turn to red droplets on the floor.

She whispers that she
but the air steals her breath.

He says well, that was fun.
She says please, just one last kiss.