Summer 2013

The warmth
of the sun in the sky
and on my skin
is reflected in the white of my heart
and burning my eyes
on your smile.

The sand in my shoes
between my toes
scrapes scars into freckles, falling, forgotten.

Soft winds embrace us.
The winter in our hearts has gone.


And he says to me
its crazy
you know, how we
can close our eyes.
Shut out the world,
out of sight out of mind.

His mind
swirled with chemicals,
mine frappéd with stress,
We lay in total silence,
bodies a tangled mess.

And I say, what about sound,
and every other sense?
He says it doesn’t matter,
if you close your eyes
and rest.

I breathe
a little slower
and drift off from the bed,
A philosophical lullaby mulling in my head.