The city breathes deep
in its asbestos lungs
and sucks me in,
and with each breath
smoke billows through the air.

Arteries pump thousands
across highways in
their cages of debt,
and with each pulse
shivers crawl up the cracked smoke stacks
lining the heart of it all.

This city is a dying animal
clawing at the lakes
for one last sip.

Ash and Dust

And I read them as her words,
not mine.
Every time I see them I know.

But the feeling that follows swallows my heart and mind intertwined
in empathetic regret for the monster
I once was.

then I step back and remember
that this is that control,
this was let go.

Stepping through time with
Both eyes now wide
while she is blatantly blind
and I watch myself growing free.
I watch her fighting for me.

And while breaking my own decisions I’m choosing to forget the fiction in search of a clearer vision
through words.

I’ll search, until I can remember that my words were also hers.