The city breathes deep
in its asbestos lungs
and sucks me in,
and with each breath
smoke billows through the air.

Arteries pump thousands
across highways in
their cages of debt,
and with each pulse
shivers crawl up the cracked smoke stacks
lining the heart of it all.

This city is a dying animal
clawing at the lakes
for one last sip.

A Death Rattle is a Song Synonymous for Migraines.

My mind feels like it’s melting

into a puddle behind my eye.

A throbbing vein left of my temple

beats a song

softly crying



My vision blocked by blurry lights

closes off into the dark

and my head falls in and out of sync

with my palpating heart. 


My ears ring the melody

a solid one note drone.


And my body aches as I crawl

                    arms stretched,

                       skin crinkled around

                       joints and frail shivering fingertips

reaching for the phone.