The Salutatorian’s Address


The Salutatorian’s Address, published by Typewriters and Salve. Read the full poem at

He graduated second in his class from a top tier
clown college on the north west coast of the states.
Somewhere far from the city he grew up in
surrounded by acres of wildlife and woodlands;
on graduation day he sat at a lake
drinking moonshine mixed with maraschino
cherries and slowly melting face paint.

Perspective ; How Else

Out of Salt Lake a ways, just beyond Chayene
Wyoming’s Rocky Spring’s woke me
to appreciate snow ridges and crater planes
a granite blanket tossed lovingly
with ruffles and smooth cascades.
Low hovering cotton wisps
embrace a few peaks
pin dot freckles on the body.
The land Dalmation was aglow
with west coast rose shadows;
perception suddenly shaking
realizing how forgiveness frees the mind
and if unspoken, an autonomy,
it makes this turbulence ok.
If I could parachute down
into such heavenly lands, I would
have more than freedom, I understand
why the pioneers spoke with such conviction
of God.



This piece comes from my chapbook Coffee Stout and Rain Water, written for a contributor to the GoFundMe project it was born from. If you would like a copy of the chapbook, contact me.